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2023-2024 HSA Board Members


Margaret Hwang & Gulsah Oral

  • Prepare agendas for monthly board & open meetings

  • Attend & lead monthly board meetings

  • Monitor & respond to HSA emails

  • Draft school-wide info/reminder emails

  • Liaise with Committee Chairs to monitor progress


Yifat Peleg

  • Attend monthly HSA Board and open meetings. 

  • Deposit cash and checks for all fundraisers and events

  • For all expenses, you will need to write checks for reimbursement and make sure there is appropriate backup supporting all checks written

  • Record disbursements and receipts into check register and Quicken software

  • On a monthly basis, you will need to reconcile checkbook to quicken software. Once reconciled, you will need to reconcile books (checkbook and quicken) to bank statements.

  • Resolve and record all reconciling items

  • On a monthly basis, need to compile financial statements for meetings. The financial statements show actual receipts (revenue) and costs (expenses) compared to budgeted receipts and costs.

  • Create the annual budget, discuss with Co-Presidents and then meet with the Principal to get approval or changes

  • Provide budgeted amount to chairperson so they know how much to spend


Ana Solano & Liron Golan

  • Maintain and update the HSA website including the HSA calendar throughout the school year

  • Use Membership Toolkit to send emails to community

  • Post HSA meeting minutes from Secretary monthly

  • Update/manage directory

Board of Education Representative

David Spelbrink

  • Attend all BOE meetings or have someone attend in your place if possible (you can always read the minutes of the meeting)

  • Report relevant updates to Board

Vice President

Cindy Chan

  • Attend monthly HSA Board & open meetings 

  • Traditionally host five events for teachers; a Welcome luncheon prior to classes start and a teacher breakfast at the start of the year, holiday luncheon, teacher appreciation lunch and end of the year luncheon for teachers

  • Buy the paper goods / tablecloths, drinks for the event along with catered food and decor all within budget

  • Fill out the custodial work order to set up the chairs, tables on day of breakfast/luncheon


Vanita Kothari & Alli Imahiyerobo

  • Attend monthly HSA Board & open meetings

  • Record minutes for monthly HSA open meetings and send them to the Website Coordinator to be posted on the HSA website

KPA Liaison

Jennifer Kwon

  • Attend monthly HSA board and open meetings

  • Liaison between the HSA and KPA to answer any questions

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